Trying Animal Prints This Fall? Start With Zebra Prints.

Trying Animal Prints This Fall? Start With Zebra Prints.

We are not surprised to see leopard and tiger animal prints this season, but zebra stripes? Zebra print was unexpected for the 2019 Fall/Winter trends. This black and white pattern is giving leopard and tiger prints a run for their money this season. For FW19, look for stripes in a new way, such as Klasē Boutique’s Zara | Zebra Bodysuit Set, for a bold look. Wear the bodysuit and skirt together or separately. Because it’s black and white, you’ll be able to mix and match this set with many pieces in your closet.


How to style zebra prints


Wear it with denim pieces.

Even when you don’t know what to wear, you will look stylish in a pair of vintage inspired jeans and a zebra print top or bodysuit. With a blazer or without! Dress it up with a pair of heels. You can’t go wrong with this look, not only is it wearable for any occasion, but it is cute and affordable.  


Pair it with leather pieces.

What outfit cannot be improved with a black leather jacket? NONE! A zebra print pencil skirt looks very attractive when paired with a leather jacket, a timeless piece. Throw your patent leather jacket on top of a high waist zebra print skirt and you’re good to go.

The skirt isn’t the only piece that can be worn with leather. Wear a zebra print bodysuit with a pair of leather pants for a bold weekend look. Add a pop of color to finish this look.


Add bold colors.

Add more drama to your look by highlighting your outfit with red. Besides, who doesn’t love red? It gives you a sexy look. Other bright colors like mint, coral, and pink will look super classy when paired with zebra print outfits.

Style Tip: Colorful accessories look good with zebra prints, so don’t be shy, go for it.


Snakeskin Prints

The often, overlooked, snakeskin print has slithered into the top looks for Fall 2019. The snake inspired pattern comes in many palettes, making them a neutral “color”. Although they are fashionable to wear in clothing, Instagram feeds have been filled with snakeskin print boots, shoulder bags, berets, and accessories.  


Leopard and Tiger Prints 

The most popular prints are leopard and tiger prints. Designers have created new ways to keep these prints fresh and wild by adding colors and variations. These prints have been around for decades, so instead of wearing leopard or tiger print clothing this year, focus on adding accessories and shoes to your wardrobe. Leopard and tiger print accessories go great with mustard, olive, and cream, Fall inspired colors.


What’s your go to animal print for this season?


Featured: Klasē Boutique’s mustard blazer, paired with a leopard print clutch and shoes from DSW. 


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I absolutely love the zebra print with red. It completes the whole outfit! Definite head turner.


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